New Railway Lines in East Africa

New Railway Lines in East Africa

Completion of the Preliminary Engineering for the Standard Gauge Railway Line from Malaba to Kigali (1,080 km)

In September 2012, Gauff Ingenieure (JBG) was awarded the contract for the Preliminary Engineering Design for the Standard Gauge Railway Line from the Kenyan-Ugandan border at Malaba to the Ugandan capital Kampala (250 km).

In 2014, this assignment was extended westwards from Kampala to Kasese and further on to Uganda-Congolese border at Mpondwe and southwards from Bihanga to the Rwandan capital of Kigali.

The total new railway line length is 1,080 kilometers and the project forms part of the Northern Corridor Line from the port of Mombasa (Kenya) to Eastern Congo and Rwanda.

The scope included

  • Traffic and Market Study
  • Corridor Study
  • Geological and geotechnical investigations (incl. drilling)
  • Railway Alignment and Permanent Way Design (incl. Signaling and Telecommunication)
  • Design of engineering structures (tunnels, viaducts, bridges and hydraulic structures)
  • Design of Railway and freight stations
  • Operational Concept
  • Economic and Financial Feasibility Study
  • Financing Option Assessment
  • Legal, Institutional and Regulatory Study

The assignment, which was completed in December 2017, was carried out by Gauff Ingenieure (JBG) Nairobi, Kenya in association with ILF Beratende Ingenieure Innsbruck, Austria.

Gauff Rail Engineering (GRE) and ETC Gauff Mobility Solutions covered parts of the engineering, operational and financial parts of the project and contributed to the successful completion of the project.

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