Who is… Jörg List?

Who is… Jörg List?

Jörg List is a railway operation technician and has been working in the gauff.com Management Information System expert team since 2001. Before, he worked as engine driver at the DB Regio AG. As an employee of the Hohenzollerischen Landesbahn AG, he was in charge of all activities in the fields of mechanical engineering and railway operation. Since he started working for Gauff Mobility Solutions, he mainly focuses on the development of project-related software solutions and on the design of management information systems with a particular emphasis on data evaluation. Presently, Jörg List is working on the further development of the BVG Infrastructure Monitoring System.

Contact: gauff.com Berlin branch office, team-berlin@gauff.com, Phone +49 30 2 54 65-0



gauff.com implements Infrastructure Monitoring Systems for the Berlin Transport Company – Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) AöR

The Berlin Transport Company – Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) AöR – is one of the largest public transportation companies in Europe. Passenger transport includes the following transport modes: underground, tramways, busses and ferryboats. To this purpose, BVG operates several sites within the Land of Berlin.

Presently, the BGV obtains an annual amount of more than 200 million EUR for the renewal and conservation of transport infrastructures. With the conclusion of the transport contract, which was signed between the BVG and the federal Land of Berlin, being the responsible authority, the monitoring of these renewal and conservation measures has been contracted, too. The main objectives of this monitoring are the identification of long-term infrastructure investment demands, the implementation control of project planning, the identification of eventual investment backlogs, the long-term preservation of operational utility values and, last but not least, the safeguarding of quality status in transport infrastructure.

Since no appropriate or readily accessible key figures are available to determine either quality status, renewal requirements or investment demands of transport infrastructures, the project “BVG Infrastructure Monitoring System” (BIMS) has been initiated to identify possible key figures and consumption parameters within the BVG.

Backed by SAP systems, the central plant cadastre, geographic and georeferenced information concerning transport modes and its infrastructures, BVG has a wide range of data in various data carriers at its disposal, which represent in detail the type and status of infrastructure as well as other additional features.

The main objective was to image all existing documents – which had been available until then as hard copy – on the web-based platform BIMS. BIMS was intended to create a data platform, which allows to link and to evaluate technical and geographic data on the one side with business-related data on the other side.

Gauff Mobility Solutions was commissioned with the execution and implementation of the web-based application after having proven – in the scope of a pilot project – the basic feasibility of this undertaking in terms of data provision in the source systems of the BVG, data fusion within the BIMS and data visualisation both on a geographic surface and in diagrams.

The necessary data import can be done via different channels. Data can be imported via web-based services from the SAP system. Data from the central plant cadastre are imported via XML files. An additional option is to import data from Excel-sheets.

The integrated document management underlines the basic feature of a centralised information source of BIMS. All project-relevant documents are stored in the document management system.

The BIMS system provides specific figures to determine transport infrastructures. All data obtained from the original source systems can be used for this calculation.

The BIMS application offers BVG the necessary basis to plausibly outline the total and long-term financing requirements, pursuant to previous project planning, in order to emphasize – in cooperation with the responsible authority – the need of sustainable infrastructure financing. Moreover, control and coordination of financial resource requirements and resource allocation become more reliable and more efficient due to the transparent evaluation that is provided by this application. Forecast quality in terms of future investment requirements increases while processing time and efforts are reduced.

In addition, the fact that all compiled infrastructure status data are made available in this application allows to simplify all coordination processes with authorising bodies, audit authorities and technical supervising authorities.

Would you like to get more detailed information on this gauff.com project? Then do not hesitate to contact Mister Jörg List.

Geographic display in BIMS. Map navigation is possible for all plants. Depending on infrastructure parameters, the various sites are differently coloured. All data that have been imported from the source systems can be clearly displayed.


Evaluation surface in BIMS with diagram preview. Diagrams are generated on the grounds of available data information.


Document management in BIMS. The structure is highly flexible. Individual access rights can be allocated to different folders.

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