– agilis will test cost-efficient passenger WLAN in the regional railway transport sector – agilis will test cost-efficient passenger WLAN in the regional railway transport sector

WLAN access in regional railway transport is a major quality aspect for many passengers. The regional railway company agilis, with its head office in Regensburg, has decided – with the help of – to come up to the customers’ expectations and to test, in a first phase, whether or not the necessary infrastructural requirements are available to secure the installation of a reliable WLAN system above all in rural regions. has managed to find an exemplary solution for the upcoming tests of signal receiving qualities along the railway line. The project will be implemented with the support of the partner netmodule. One router equipped with up to four UMTS/LTE-modules, with up to four SIM cards and two WiFi-modules is the perfect solution to meet this demanding challenge. In a first step, this cost-efficient solution has been installed in one railway vehicle, which is presently being operated on the agilis network ENR – Elektronnetz Regensburg (electric network).

As soon as the pilot phase will have been concluded (March/April 2017), the results obtained will be evaluated and the next steps will be discussed. Depending on network availability, all agilis vehicles could be connected to this new “passenger-WLAN” module of the company-wide data hub DatNet.

With this solution, the product offered by, i.e. the company-wide data hub DatNet, will be complemented by an additional module, highly requested by railway companies. The implementation of this project clearly underlines the strength of this product as open-interface, modular system that can be flexibly extended and adjusted to specific client requirements. and the specialised teams of ETC – Gauff Mobility Solutions are well established in the transport sector with the offered solutions: real-time based data hubs, RBL/ITCS, Mobile Business Applications, quality measuring and quality management systems as well as train stop management. The company has already integrated its products and applications in some 1,220 vehicles and equipped more than 3,370 staff members with these products. With its data hub DatNet, offers the perfect solution for any transport company that must face everyday challenges in terms of reliability, process optimisation and efficiency.

agilis is a regional railway transport company with a total of 64 railway vehicles, which has been working on behalf of the Free State of Bavaria for some 5 years now. It is one of the leading companies to serve the railway networks agilis-Mitte (electric network Regensburg with the Donautalbahn) and agilis-Nord (Diesel network Upper Franconia). The company covers on these two networks a distance of approximately 10 million rail kilometres per year and transports some 11 million passengers. Thus, agilis accounts for some 10 percent of the regional railway transport in Bavaria.

The operation of all fleet vehicles and the entire client information are supervised and controlled via ITCS DatNet.

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